Comparing funeral costs

No two funerals are the same.

And no two funeral directors are the same either.
At [brand] , our prices include many of the funeral elements that other providers add on as extras.
To help you compare like-for-like, here’s our guide to pricing.

Add-ons, extras or included as standard?

[brand] does not charge extra for:


Other factors to consider:

  • Experience of staff
  • Quality of reputation
  • Standard of facilities
  • Quality of fleet
  • Professional accreditation

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Funerals reflect a life lived and the personality of the deceased. There is no limit to how you can personalise a send-off whether that’s in the ceremony, use of materials or style of event. We encourage families to lean on our extensive experience and explore the possibilities – it costs nothing to have a conversation.

But to get it right? Well that’s priceless.